ICC Cell

Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee (Mahila Takrar Nivaran Samitee) has set up for maintaining the healthy and safe environment for girls & women on campus. So all the girls & women employees may approach the cell members to resolve their complaints if any.

Functions of the Committee

Promote a healthy working environment for all-female staff, students, and faculty.Work towards building a gender-sensitized environment at the institute.

Organize workshops and awareness programs at regular intervals towards building a gender-neutral workplace

Internal Complaint Committee 2023-24 (Mahila Takrar Nivaran Samitee)

Sr. No.NameDesignationContact No.
1Prof. Mrs. Sanghavi K.M.Chairman8668750425
2Prof. Mrs. Khivsara B. A.Member9766363125
3Prof. Mrs. Rathod Y.S.Member9766763988
4Prof. Mrs. Desai Y.K.Member9960838078
5Mr.Pawar S.D.Member7620461475
6Mr. Gujarathi MaheshNGO Member9422262340
7Dr. Tated R. G.Secretary02556-253750
8Ms. Chaudhari Rutuja RajendraMemberrutujachaudhari08@gmail.com
9Ms. Phuke Shubhangi RamkisanMembershubhangiphuke28@gmail.com
10Ms. Saindane Diksha VijayMemberdikshasaindane88@gmail.com

Internal Complaint Committee 2023-24

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