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Felicitation of Dr. Kainjan Mahesh Sanghavi for being honoured with the Prestigious Top 100 Global Powerful Women Award! Presented by Mc Stem Eduversity, USA/India, this accolade recognizes her exceptional contributions as an educator, researcher, and as IQAC

Great session conducted by Mrs Sneha.P.Achaliya for SE students on topic " Science of happiness " under Audit course Event Coordinators : Mrs.S.V.Sinha Mrs.D.P.Pawar

Engineering Students of all branches is organised by ICC Cell in association with SPACE and CSI , SNJB's LSKBJ College of Engineering, Chandwad Session was conducted by Mr. Tanmay Dixit, Director, CyberSanskar, Nashik on 10/02/2024, Saturday Total 120+ students attended the session Event Coordinators- Ms. Y. K. Desai (ICC Cell Member) Mrs. D. P. Pawar (SPACE Cordinator) Mr. P. S. Desai (CSI Cordinator)

Session on CyberShield conducted on 10 Feb 2024

Session on Stress Management session was conducted by Mrs. S. P. Achaliya under the Business Communication Skill course on 7th Sept 2023.

Students and staff of Department of Computer Engineering have attended an industry visit at Datametica Pune on 19/05/2023.

Students and staff of Department of Computer Engineering have attended an industry visit at Nanostuffs Pune on 19/05/2023.

Session on Career Opportunities in Salesforce by Mr. Manoj Pandya dated on 24/2/2020

Session on Career Opportunities in Salesforce by Mr. Ajay Karir and Mr. Mayur Munot dated on 16/1/2020

Session on Advanced MS Excel for S Tarachand and Drip India Industry Employee dated on 22/2/2020

Facebook Live Session on Education System in US and Employability Enhancement Scheme by Ms. Rachana Bumb dated on 21 April 2020.

Research/FDP/Workshop Funding Opportunities from Private Sector and Government by Mr. Nikhil Kulkarni 

Session on How Indian won Silicon Vally by Shivanand Kanavi dated on 30/5/2022

Session on Research Publications How and Why , Research Funding Schemes by Dr. Manesh Kokare dated on 21/5/2022

Webinar on Hands-on Version control with Git by Mr. Mokshesh Dafariya dated on 9 April 2022

Session on Full Stack Development by Mr. Junaid Shaikh dated on 27/9/2021

How to Earn Money at by Mr. Mayur Munot dated on 15/9/2021

CentOS Installation & REDHAT Certification by Mr. Sagar Ikhankar dated on 4/9/2021

Webinar on Recent TRends in Computer and IT Sector by Mrs. Anikta Chordiya Sancheti dated on 3/9/2021

Webinar on Tour of Universe by Dr. Girish Pimple in association with CSI Nashik Chapter

Webinar on Industry 4.0 by Mr. Sachin Dayma Tech Lead at Ediface Automation Pvt Ltd for SE, TE and BE Computer Engineering

Session conducted by Ms. Saloni Gotan Jain Software Developer at JP Morgan US for SE and TE Computer Students