Sr. No.Name Of EventDate Of ConductionResource PersonEvent Coordinator
1Induction ProgramFrom 17-08-2023 To 19-08-2023Mr.D.D.AherAll CC


Sr. No.Name Of EventDate Of ConductionResource PersonEvent Coordinator
1FE Induction ProgramFrom 14-11-2022 To 18-11-2022--Prof. K. K. Bamb and FE Staff
2How to fill Examination formFrom 23-11-2022 To 23-11-2022Prof. K.K. Bamb and Prof. D.D.SanchetiProf. R. A. Geete
3National Startup dayFrom 16-01-2023 To 16-01-2023Mr. Sunil Chandak, Founder Udyogwardhini, NashikProf. M. S. Dhomse
4National Youth DayFrom 21-01-2023 To 21-01-2023"Prof. A. D. Pawar, Prof. Prof. S. D. Rayte Prof. L. H. IngaleProf. M. S. Dhomse
5Councelling session by Dr. M. R. Sanghavi sir30-11--0001Dr. M. R. Sanghavi sirProf. G. B. Gore
6Expert Session of Prof. S. P. KaleFrom 29-01-2023 To 12-02-2023Prof. S. P. KaleProf. M. S. Dhomse and Prof. L. B. Pawar
7Expert Session of Prof. Jain30-11--0001Jain sir - KK WaghProf. R. A. Geete
8Expert Talk by Dr. R. G. TatedFrom 03-03-2023 To 03-03-2023Dr. R. G. TatedProf. V. C. Jadhav
9Mahindra Pride workshopFrom 27-03-2023 To 31-03-2023Mr. Gopakumar Pinicker and Ms. Ruby, Naandi Foundation, PuneProf. Deore G. T.
10Industrial VisitFrom 14-06-2023 To 16-06-2023Prof. M. S. Dhomse
11Parent Teacher MeetFrom 26-05-2023 To 26-05-2023Dr. R. G. Tated,, Dr, M. R. SanghaviProf. K. B. Gore
12PBL activityFrom 15-07-2023 To 15-07-2023Mr. Manish Nalawade, Mr. Shailesh Parkhe, Mr. P. G. Aher, Mr. Ganesh Pawar - from SNJB’s HHJB polytechnic, ChandaProf. K. B. Gore, Prof. D.S. Dhake, Prfof. S. J. Rayte


Sr. No.Name Of EventDate Of ConductionResource PersonEvent Coordinator
1FE Induction Program for FE studentsFrom 16-12-2021 To 25-12-2021----Prof. A.D.Pawar
2Expert session on "Electrical Transformer and Power Generation"From 08-03-2022 To 08-03-2022Prof.Amit M.SolankiProf.R.A.Geete
3Session on 'Logic Gates"From 17-03-2022 To 17-03-2022Dr.M.D.KokateDr.M.D.Kokate
4Session - Manasrang-तरुणाई आणि मनाचे आरोग्यFrom 13-04-2022 To 13-04-2022Dr. Hamid DabolkarProf. B.A. Khivsara
5A Environmental Study visit of FE Civil StudentsFrom 04-06-2022 To 04-06-2022----Prof. M.S. Dhomase
6A Visit of FE students to Parle Biscuits Private Ltd, Igatpuri.From 21-06-2022 To 21-06-2022----Prof. V.C.Jadhav
7A session For FE computer students.From 18-06-2022 To 18-06-2022Dr.M.R.Sanghavi---
8A Session of "रुबरू" for FE students.From 22-06-2022 To 22-06-2022Dr.M.D.KokateProf. V.C.Jadhav
9A Session on “Basic of Arduino and its Interfacing”From 09-07-2022 To 09-07-2022Prof. D. J.PawarProf.Gore K.B. Prof. Jadhav V.C & FE Team
10FE PBL Based ExhibitionFrom 16-07-2022 To 16-07-2022Prof.Gokul Patil, Prof.Sandeep Patil, Mr.Pravin NavaleProf.Desai P.S. & FE Team
11A session of "Guidance to 12th science students "From 16-07-2022 To 16-07-2022Dr.S.D.SanchetiProf.Dhake D.S. and FE Team
12A session of "Democracy , Election and Governance"From 19-07-2022 To 19-07-2022Prof.Samir N.ChavanProf.Aher M.S. & FE Team


Sr. No.Name Of EventDate Of ConductionResource PersonEvent Coordinator
1Sahaj SavandFrom 29-07-2020 To 29-07-2020Dr. M.D.KokateProf.Wadnere S.S./Prof..Pawar A.D.
2Sahaj SavandFrom 30-07-2020 To 30-07-2020Dr.M.D.KokateProf. Pawar L.B. /Prof. Pawar G.S./Prof..Pawar A.D
3Foundation Course for FE Aspirants.From 23-11-2020 To 26-11-2020Dr.M.D.KokateProf. Dhake D.S./Prof.Pawar A.D.
4Induction Program for FE studentsFrom 01-02-2021 To 06-02-2021Dr.M.D.Kokate and All Head Of DepartmentsProf. Dhake D.S.
5Science DayFrom 02-03-2021 To 02-03-2021Prof.Jaydeep P.Shah(Asst.Prof.)Prof.Aher M.S.


Sr. No.Name Of EventDate Of ConductionResource PersonEvent Coordinator
1Motivational Seminar on " How to stay Motivated All Time"From 07-08-2019 To 07-08-2019MR.SHAILESH BOBHATE (CEO,TEEKMARK JOBS,PUNE)Prof.S.B.Chavan & All FE faculty
2Motivational Seminar On "Dream Into Reality" On 9.8.2019 By Dr.M.R.Sanghavi SirFrom 09-08-2019 To 09-08-2019Dr.M.R.Sanghavi SirProf.S.B.Chavan & All FE faculty
3Schlorship Cheque Distribution Ceromony For Last year FE students (A.Y:2018-19) by their 12th Science Principal sir/Madam.From 22-10-2019 To 22-10-201912th Science Jr. College Principal sir/Madam.Prof.Pawar A.D.
4A MCQ based Competition of chemistry for 11th and 12 th science students in memory of well known scientist Prof.Amolakchand JainFrom 15-12-2020 To 27-12-2020Dr.M.D.KokateProf.Pawar A.D.
5A visit of FE Engineering studentsFrom 06-03-2020 To 06-03-2020Dr.M.D.KokateProf. Dhake D.S./Prof.Pawar A.D.
6A visit of FE Engineering studentsFrom 12-03-2020 To 12-03-2020Dr.M.D.KokateProf. Dhake D.S./Prof.Pawar A.D.


Sr. No.Name Of EventDate Of ConductionResource PersonEvent Coordinator
1A workshop on "Paya Smaranshakticha .....Vikas Atmavishwascha"From 23-10-2018 To 23-10-2018Mr. Sachin Usha Vilas JoshiProf. Ahire M.A.
2A Live telecast for FE students on "Pariksha Pe Charcha".From 29-01-2019 To 29-01-2019Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modiji.Prof. Rayate S.J.
3A Workshop On "Confidence Building" By GATiFrom 22-02-2019 To 22-02-2019Mr.Devadatta Ghokhale /Mrs.Rashmi GhokhaleProf. Dhake D.S.
4Celebration of Science DayFrom 28-02-2019 To 28-02-2019Mr.Prashant JagtapProf.Rayate S.J.
5A Webinar On “How to Prepare for Placements 2022”From 27-03-2019 To 27-03-2019Mr.Deepak Singh (IIT BHU, Varanasi)Prof.Pawar A.D.
6A function of “FE Yashwant Ustav 2k19”From 22-04-2019 To 22-04-2019Principal of junior collegeProf.Pawar A.D.