Sr. No.Name Of EventDate Of ConductionResource PersonEvent Coordinator
1Expert Talk on "Strategies for selecting Project"From 08-05-2023 To 08-05-2023Mr. Rahul KotechaProf P. B. Koli
2Mahindra Pride TrainingFrom 24-07-2023 To 29-07-2023Mahindra TeamProf. Sonar R. M
3Essay Competition on National Education Policy 2023From 27-07-2023 To 27-07-2023-Prof. Sahane V. P
4Role of AI & Ds in Chandrayan-3 MissionFrom 05-09-2023 To 05-09-20231. Aboli Jangde 2. Himanshu ChoudhariProf. A. P. Shinde
5One Day Workshop on Experiential LearningFrom 09-09-2023 To 09-09-2023Mr.Ashish RangariProf.V.A.Khairnar


Sr. No.Name Of EventDate Of ConductionResource PersonEvent Coordinator
1Faculty Orientation Program on Data ScienceFrom 17-01-2023 To 17-01-20231. Dr. D. V. Patil 2. Dr. M. R. Sanghavi 3. Dr. K. R. NirmalProf. N. V. Sharma
2Awareness of Environmental StudiesFrom 26-11-2022 To 26-11-20221. Prof. S. P. HarkalProf. N. V. Sharma
3Expert Session on LaTex TechnologyFrom 14-10-2022 To 14-10-2022Dr. S.A. PatareProf. N. V. Sharma
4Career Opportunity in Salesforce CloudFrom 17-12-2022 To 17-12-2022Mr. Mukund MundadaProf. R. R. Bhandari
5Hands On Workshop On “PHP and ServletFrom 09-12-2022 To 12-12-2022Mr. Sumit PatilMs. Chandan Kaveri
6Session on Project Selection and Multidisciplinary ProjectsFrom 01-03-2023 To 01-03-2023Prof. V. C. JadhavProf. Surbhi Pagar
7Session on Copyright FilingFrom 03-03-2023 To 03-03-2023Dr. K. R. NirmalProf. Surbhi Pagar
85 Days Hands On Session on RoboticsFrom 10-03-2023 To 14-03-2023Cognifront TeamProf. Ankita Shinde
9Learning New TechnologiesFrom 06-03-2023 To 11-03-2023TE AINDS and BE Computer StudentsProf. Surbhi Pagar
10Session on ChatGPTFrom 24-03-2023 To 24-03-2023Dr. M. R. SanghaviProf. P. B. Koli
11Expert Talk on Advancement in Drone TechnologyFrom 12-05-2023 To 12-05-2023Mrs. LeleProf. Surbhi Pagar
12Session on Use of AI & DS in MISFrom 14-05-2023 To 14-05-2023Prof R. R. ChakreProf. Prashant Koli


Sr. No.Name Of EventDate Of ConductionResource PersonEvent Coordinator
1Faculty Orientation Program on Internet of Things LaboratoryFrom 21-02-2022 To 21-02-20221. Er. Tushar Kute 2. Dr. M. R. Sanghavi 3. Prof. D. J. Pawar 4. Prof. P. N. AchaliyaProf. N. V. Sharma
2Expert talk on " GitHub Technology"From 10-01-2022 To 11-01-2022Dr. Vishal Ratansingh PatilProf. N. V. Sharma
3Expert Session on Optimal Binary Search TreeFrom 24-04-2022 To 26-04-2022Prof. S. A. ChavanProf. Patil P L
4Visit to the old age homeFrom 12-12-2021 To 12-12-2021Mr. Chetan sirProf. Patil P L
5Opportunities In Information TechnologyFrom 27-11-2021 To 27-11-2021Mr. Anup BhaleraoProf. Dhamale N.D.
6Role of System EngineerFrom 05-10-2021 To 05-10-2021Mr. Sagar Devidas IkhankarProf.Dhamale N. D.
7Hand-on session on presentation toolFrom 12-04-2022 To 12-04-2022Ms.Monika SurseProf. P.L. Patil