Students Association


The intention of MESA is to provide a platform for the students of Mechanical Engineering by organizing various Technical Seminars and Competitions. This helps the students to explore and hone their technical and creative skills through such co-curricular and extracurricular activities. MESA committee is formed by the representatives who are elected from the students through formal elections and voting. This committee handles the activities conducted by MESA. This helps the students to learn a lot about importance of team work, team spirit, handling the responsibility and leadership qualities. That’s why motto of MESA is "Of The Students, By The Students, For The Students".

Contact Information

Faculty In-charge: Mr. S.U. Patil

MESA Committees AY 2023-24

SR NOPostName Of StudentsClass
1PresidentRutuja Jagan GangurdeBE

MESA Committees AY 2022-23

SR NOPostName Of StudentsClass
1PresidentMs. Ashwarya AhireBE

MESA Committees AY 2020-21

SR NOPostName Of StudentsClass
1PresidentHarshad Avinash DeshmukhBE(A)

MESA Committees AY 2019-20

SR NOPostName Of StudentsClass
1PresidentPawar Rajesh A.BE(A)