Students Association


The Electronics Engineering Student Association (EESA) represents current students within the  E&TC engineering Dept. at SNJB’S KBJ College Of Engineering Chandwad. The Aim of the  association is to provide platform for the students where knowledge is shared, skills are  developed, and technologies are understood and arousing into action. We organize social  events, Seminars & different types of Technical Workshops & Industrial Visits to renowned  companies.

Event organized under EESA Association are as listed below

   EESA Organized Seminar on “Power Electronics” by Prof. Dr. D. M. Chandwadkar (Head, E&TC Dept., KKWIEER, Nashik) for TE Students on 20th Feb. 2017.   EESA Organized Seminar on “Interview Skills & Aptitude Test” by Mr. Anay Hubale & Mrs. Pranita for BE Students on 12th Aug. 2016.   EESA Organized Seminar on “Computer Networks & CCNA Course” by Ms.Vedashree Deshpande & Ms. Amrin Gayas, IRT Technology Nashik for BE Students on 28 Jun. 2016.   EESA Organized Two days’ workshop on “PCB Design using Eagle CAD software” by Mr. Hemang Kamat (Gaziabad, Delhi) on 3rd and 4th Mar. 2016 for TE students.   EESA Organized Two days’ workshop on "Industrial approach in Electronics " presented by Mr.Sanjay Chaudhari, Electronics Study Centre, Jalgaon during 4th to 6th Feb. 2016 for S.E. students   EESA Organized Two days’ workshop on “PLC Basics” by Prof. M. A. Mechkul on 5th and 6th Oct. 2015 for BE students.   EESA Organized Two days’ workshop on “Proteus Software” by Prof. A. A. Jain on 14th and 15th Sept. 2015 for BE students.   EESA Organized Two days workshop on "Advances in Electronics" presented by Mr.Sanjay Chaudhari, Electronics Study Centre, Jalgaon on 14 February 2015 to 15 February 2015 for S.E.& T.E. students   EESA Celebrated Makarsankrant with Anath ashram students Manmad on 13/01/2015.   EESA Organized "ANTENONICS EXHIBITION" on the occasion of Engineers day for the students on 15/09/2014.   EESA Organized "National Level Robotics Championship 2014" conducted by ARK Techno solution on 23/07/ 2014 for the students.   EESA Organized "TECH-GROWTH EXHIBITION" on the occasion of Engineers day for the students on 19/09/2013   EESA Organized "National Level Robotics Championship 2013" conducted by ARK Techno solution & IIT Bombay on 23/01/ 2013 for the students.   EESA has organised workshop on PCB making using proteus software for SE, TE, BE students on 22nd May 2021    EESA has organised Brain booster event on 24th February 2021 for Students   EESA has organised event to Alumni interaction with students on 12th April 2022   EESA has organised Expert Session on Programming skills on language C & C++ for all E&TC students on 15th March 2022   EESA has organised Visit and Donation to an Orphanage Adharashram at Nashik on 10th January 2022   EESA has organised Visit to Botanical Garden on 1st March 2023   EESA has organised Freshers Party for SE students on 13th March 2023   EESA has organised Sports Activity: Traditional Games on 18th April 2023   EESA has organised Financial literacy program for women in village “Ganur” on 27th April 2023   EESA has organised Project Competition for all E&TC students on 15th May 2023   EESA has organised Farewell Program for BE students on 17th May 2023   EESA has organised program to celebrate "Teachers Day" on 5th September 2023    IOT Club has organised Inauguration function of IoT club and project exhibition on 18th March 2023   IoT club has organised Arduino Workshop for all E&TC students on 21st April 2023

EESA Committee

Faculty In-charge: Prof. S. S. Thakare

A.Y.PresidentVice PresidentTreasurer
2020-21Mrunal Wagh (BE)Akash Shende (TE)Rishabh Kaswa (TE)
2019-20Rushikesh Dukale (BE)Nilesh Ahire (TE)Mrunal Wagh (TE)
2018-19Abhijit Kale (BE)Jagannath Deore (TE)Vijay Makune (TE)
2017-18Sanket Dashpute (BE)Kiran Kambale (TE)Ashwini Mokat (TE)
2016-17Gaurav Bhandarkar (BE)Preeti Borade (TE)Swati Nikam (TE)
2015-16Mayur Hire (BE)Shivani Hiran (TE)Neha Pincha (TE)
2014-15Renuka Lodha (BE)Vipul Nahar (TE)Shubham Jain (TE)
2021-22Kiran Darade (BE)Vivek Pawar(TE)Prasad Kulkarni (TE)
2022-23Umakant Nikam(BE)Sonal Bagul(TE)Siddhesh Bagul (TE)
2023-24Akash Borgude(BE)Sagat Waghchaure(TE)Tejas Kothawade (TE)

IETE Student Forum

The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) founded in 1953 is one of the leading Professional Society in India devoted to the advancement of Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication and; IT.

 The IETE student branch at SNJB COE was established in the year 2023 and attached to Pune (Nashik) Local center with 51 student members. 

Objectives are as follows:

➢ To create a platform for students to connect with alumni, industry professionals, and peers.

➢ To offer technical workshops and training sessions to enhance engineering skills.

➢ To develop leadership & soft skills through workshop and training.

➢ To organize industry tours, workshops, and seminars with the participation of engineering

companies. the various technical activities for students and

➢ To make students familiar with recent technological development in the field of E&TC.