Criterion VII

Criterion VII - Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities


7.1.1 Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity and Institutional
initiatives to celebrate / organize national and international commemorative days, events and
festivals during the last five years

Gender Equality Promotion Program: The Institute has implemented various initiatives, programs, and
activities aimed at promoting gender equality and sensitivity to create a secure, safe, and healthy campus
environment. The primary objective behind these efforts is to foster education sensitive to the needs of all
genders and sections of the society. To ensure equal access to education for all genders, faculty members
facilitate equal participation and involvement of students in activities like sport events, cultural events,
project groups, and seminar groups. In pursuit of a safe, secure, and healthy campus environment, the
Institute has implemented the following measures:

1.Women Redressal Cell: The Institute has established a Women Redressal Cell responsible for
addressing any issues or grievances encountered by female faculty members and students. The Cell
convenes regular meetings and sessions to discuss concerns raised by these individuals and
implements appropriate solutions. In addition, the Cell conducts various programs aimed at
promoting gender equality, empowerment, and the protection of women's rights.

2.Internal Complaints Committee: The Institute has established an Internal Complaints Committee
to effectively address and resolve any cases of sexual harassment involving students and staff
members. The Committee follows a well-defined mechanism for investigating and resolving such
complaints. The Institute also conducts regular sessions to foster strong moral values and promote
harmonious relationships between male and female counterparts.

3.Safety and Security Measures: The Institute has implemented several safety and security
measures to ensure a secure campus environment. Trained security personnel monitor the
campus 24/7. CCTV cameras have been installed across the campus to enhance safety and security.
Additionally, all students mandatorily are asked to wear their identity cards and instructed
strictly to keep them visible at all times.

4.Complaint resolution Committee: The Committee and its mechanism are committed to
maintain a workplace environment that is fair. The Grievance Redressal Process ensures that
faculty members have easy access to a mechanism for addressing any grievances they may have.

5.Counseling & Mentoring: Each student enrolled at the Institute is assigned a mentor who is a
faculty member from their respective department. These mentors meet with their assigned mentees
regularly to provide guidance and support. Additionally, the Institute offers counseling services to
students who require emotional support and care. An FE Counselor has been appointed to
especially address the First Year students problems.

6.Common Room: The Institute provides a Common Room for boys and girls equipped with tables,
chairs, rest areas, Wi-Fi, drinking water, washrooms. The girls common room has a sanitary pad vending machine too.

7.Health check-up: The Institute organizes blood group and haemoglobin check-up camps, provides
dietary advice from a nutritionist, and arranges guest lectures on health awareness specifically for
female students and staff members.

The Institute celebrates and organizes various national and international commemorative days, events, and
festivals to promote ethics and values amongst students and faculty.

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The Institution has facilities and initiatives for
1.Alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures
2.Management of the various types of degradable and nondegradable waste
3.Water conservation
4.Green campus initiatives
5.Disabled-friendly, barrier free environment

4 or All of the above

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Quality audits on environment and energy regularly undertaken by the Institution. The
institutional environment and energy initiatives are confirmed through the following
1.Green audit / Environment audit
2.Energy audit
3.Clean and green campus initiatives
4.Beyond the campus environmental promotion activities

All of the above

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Describe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment i.e., tolerance
and harmony towards cultural, regional, linguistic, communal socioeconomic diversity and Sensitization of students and employees to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and
responsibilities of citizens

Since 1928, Shree Neminath Jain Brahmacharyashram (SNJB) has been a renowned center of learning
in the state of Maharashtra. The Institute's motto is "Samyak Gyan, Samyak Darshan, Samyak
Charitra," which translates to "Right knowledge, Perception, Conduct." As an integral part of the trust,
the Institute follows these guiding principles and policies to create a desirable learning environment. To
further this goal, the Institute has implemented the following initiatives:

1.Welcoming/Friendly Environment: The Institute comprises a diverse community of employees
and students from various backgrounds, including social, gender, religion, and caste, etc., who
work and live in a friendly and welcoming environment.

2.Fusion: The Institute's Cultural Event is a celebration of the diverse cultures and traditions of
society, featuring programs such as day celebrations, dancing and singing shows, fashion shows,
and more. It is a proud showcase of the rich cultural heritage of the community.

3.Admissions & Recruitment as per Government Reservation Policy: The Institute has strictly
followed the Government Reservation Policy while admitting new students and recruiting new

4.Celebrations: The Institute celebrates the birth and death anniversaries of great Indian
personalities, regardless of their geographic region, language, religion, caste, or cultural

5.Special attention towards SC / ST and Minority Students: The Institute provides special
attention to the development of Minorty and SC/ST students

6.College Hostel: The Institute has Hostel wherein students from diverse backgrounds are
encouraged to live together in harmony and friendship.

7.Holidays: The Institute provides holidays on the important festivals/days/events of all religions.

Sensitization of students and employees to the constitutional obligations: In addition to providing an
excellent academic foundation, the Institute is committed to develope its students into better citizens of the
country by instilling in them the values, rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens. To this end, the
Institute organizes numerous events and activities. It takes the following measures to sensitize students and
employees to their constitutional obligations(Values, Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of citizens):

1.Election and Voting: The Institute has collaborated with local government authorities to organize
voter registration camps for its staff and students.

2.Guest Sessions: The Institute arranges guest sessions for students and staff members to raise
awareness about the constitutional obligations, values, rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens 

3.NSS Activities: The students engage in annual NSS activities, through which they learn about their
responsibilities as conscientious citizens and social accountability.

4.Blood Donation Camps: The Institute organizes annual blood donation camps, thereby
contributing constructively to society.

5.Support to Students: The staff members of the Institute provide help in the form of books, special
counseling etc., to needy students.

6.Special Activities: The Institute conducted various special activities, including fundraising for
flood relief, help to orphan and old age home, and COVID-19 relief work."

7.Visits: The Institute has also arranged visits to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work
towards social welfare to enhance awareness among students and staff members about their duties
and responsibilities as citizens.

8.Academics: The Institute encourages students to opt for the audit courses on ethics, human values,
Human Rights, and constitutional obligations.

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7.2 Best Practices


Describe two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution as per NAAC format
provided in the Manual

Best practices as hosted on the Institutional
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7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness


Portray the performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust

Quality Technical Education with holistic development
Vision: Transform young aspirant learners towards creativity and professionalism for societal growth
through quality technical education.
In line with the vision statement, the institute is committed to providing quality education to its students
with an urge for continuous development in the teaching-learning process. The local society faced the
problem of quality technical education being more severe than its peers located in developed cities. Hence,
The management of Trust has come out with the plan of providing the students Quality technical
Education with holistic development, which is requisite for finding a niche in the job market.
The Institution always aspires to help poor and needy students so that they can overcome their academic
hurdles; as an initiative, the college fees can be paid in installments. It also established a library on the
wheel, a BOOK BANK where poor and needy students can avail of free books yearly.
The Institution has a great thrust for rural development along with technical development. As a result,
the students are consistently inspired, providing them a platform for

  • Technical skill development,
  • Entrepreneurship development,
  • Multidisciplinary project development,
  • Innovative project development,
  • Ethical as well as Human value development.

The institute believes in the philosophy that Innovative Technocrats are everywhere. As a result of these
activities, the institute came up with innovations, patents, and various startups. Herein our campus, students learn ethics, team building, technical skills, presentation skills, project management, and financial
management. The Institution not only encourages students to participate but also provides financial

The Institution motivates and supports students to participate in National level competitions such as
Smart India Hackathon (SIH), Chhatra Vishwakarma Awards, SAEINDIA BAJA, Go-kart,
Efficycle, Robotics, CSI Competition, etc. Consistent participation and evidence of success prove the
distinctiveness of the Institution across the globe. Some of our notable innovations include the Smart
Onion warehouse, Smart Sugar planter, and Smart seed planter to name a few.

Institute has a fascinating infrastructure and well-furnished and well-equipped laboratories available
for students 24X7. A technologically full-fledged auditorium, spacious classrooms, and a well-developed
central library with thousands of volumes constitute the profound features of the college. Every department
has a separate departmental library. Health point of View, Green Gym is available on a college campus.
The institute has a deep empathy and concern for quality education and infrastructure. It has taken
meaningful initiatives for the students' benefit by providing a conducive environment for productive and
inspiring learning experiences.
The Staff members are well experienced and well qualified. Personal blogs & YouTube channels of
Staff - for easy access to study materials & self-learning activities. Supportive & approachable Staff -
helpful for students to resolve their academic &/ personal queries.
Good hostel facilities for boys and girls. The institute takes all the facilities and cares to create the study
environment in the hostel.
For a conducive learning experience, Campus is Eco-Friendly, such as RO Water, a pollution-free
campus, ample Parking, Flora & Fauna, Solar Systems, and a rainwater harvesting unit contribute to
enhancing the campus experience.
As a result, today institute has become one of the promising engineering institutions in the vicinity,
carrying a rich legacy of more than 19 years under the aegis of Shree Neminath Jain Brahmacharyashram
(SNJB), which is celebrating 95 years and has become synonymous with quality technical Education.
SNJB's Late Sau. K.B.J. College of Engineering students are known to exhibit unwavering commitment
toward their responsibilities upon graduating, owing to the Institution's emphasis on holistic development.
They are intellectually competent and possess moral uprightness, spiritual inspiration, and social
commitment. As a result, wherever they go, they leave a lasting impact and make a distinct mark of their


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