Esteemed and Honorable Members,

It is with utmost joy and pleasure that I, on behalf of the esteemed management of SNJB (Jain Gurukul), an esteemed educational institution, extend a warm and hearty welcome to all the new entrants, who aspire to join the legal profession, to SNJB’s Law College.

The legal profession, which encompasses lawyers and judges, has always been the bedrock of numerous social, economic, and political organizations and institutions. However, in modern times, following India’s independence and the adoption of its constitution, the legal architects and lawmakers have made notable contributions to implementing social and economic changes in the country. The legal practitioners have also defended citizens’ rights and liberties against the abuse or misuse of power by some overzealous members of the executive. The strength of India’s democracy today lies in its vibrant legal system, and hence, the importance of legal education in the country cannot be underestimated.

Today, the study and practice of law provide numerous lucrative career opportunities to our youth. With the growth of trade and commerce, the spread of democracy, and the advent of new technologies, the demand for law graduates in the country is increasing every day. Besides the vast majority of lawyers in private practice, many corporate houses now recruit talent from law schools in the country as legal advisors, offering them handsome salaries. Furthermore, law graduates can pursue careers as academicians, consultants, counselors, social and political analysts, besides careers in judiciary, politics, and administration.

As much as the scope of legal education in India today is vast and diverse, I must tell all new entrants to our college that a good law student needs to work hard and burn the midnight oil to gain mastery over the subject of law. The profession of law is undoubtedly exciting and adventurous, but there is no scope for complacency in it. Lawyering is an ongoing, almost continuous process that keeps on changing every day. To stay ahead of one’s peers, one has to keep pace with new developments, and this objective can only be achieved through constant study and hard labor. Additionally, a student of law needs to have an alert and active mind, along with a sufficient fund of common sense. An ability to analyze and interpret things in a logical manner is also an essential requirement of every good legal practitioner. In the long run, as legal studies pass into an aspirant’s character, he is bound to develop a precise and rational approach to life and things.

While welcoming the new entrants, I also exhort them all to be regular and punctual in their classes and visit the library regularly. During their stay in the college, they should take active interest in various debates, symposia, moot-courts, and similar other co-curricular activities that get organized in the college from time to time. Above all, I expect all the new entrants to follow the rules of discipline and proper code of conduct to make their studies truly meaningful and purposeful.

In conclusion, I once again extend to all our new entrants a warm and hearty welcome and wish them great success in their life and career.

Dr. Archana Adhik Pawar
Principal (I/c)